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Weight Stack Springs

Weight Stack Springs

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Weight Stack Springs

Our Weight Stack Springs are designed to add much-needed cushioning to any gym weight machine. Designed to fit just about any brand weight machine, they are extremely helpful to cushion weight stacks from crashing down onto the machine frame minimising impact noise, shock and vibration from travelling into the floor, as well as help, keep the noise and acoustics in the gym down to a minimum. Increase the member comfort and keep nearby neighbouring businesses happy with less noise and vibration complaints.

Simple and easy to install, the Weight Stack Springs simply side onto your weight plate guide bars before stacking the weight plates. They can also be retrofitted to any weight stack machine where weights are constantly dropped to massively help reduce the level of impact onto the machine. Rubber Caps are set to fit standard 1/2 inch (12.7mm) weight stack rods and can be easily drilled out to fit more modern 3/4 inch (19mm) weight stack rods.

Features Include:

  • Made with Hardened Steel
  • Rubber Protective Boots
  • Helps decrease noise levels
  • Minimises impact vibration
  • Stops weight plates crashing down
  • Helps increase equipment lifespan
  • Sold individually
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