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Royler Gracie Vol 3 Mount & Back Positions DVD

Royler Gracie Vol 3 Mount & Back Positions DVD

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Royler Gracie's Competition Tested Techniques DVD vol 3 - Mount and Back Positions

Royler Gracie, one of the most renowned instructors and accomplished fighters in BJJ, releases his third instructional DVD covering the mount and the back positions. The four times World BJJ Champion, three times World ADCC Champion demonstrates his favorite competition-tested techniques.

The mount is one of Royler's strongest positions and he managed to finish many fights from this position. Royler shares with us his secrets of securing the mount and gaining positional dominance through precision stabilization and base control. He then demonstrates lethal attacks and transitions that will help you to perfect this classical position of Jiu-Jitsu. Royler covers the back position from a variety of aspects. He teaches how to take the back and achieve submissions, but also how to prevent the opponent from taking your back, replace your guard, sweep and escape the back. This DVD will improve your basics thanks to essential details that will allow you to add advanced positions to your game as well.

Each position is demonstrated by Royler and illustrated with competition footage. These competition-tested techniques have proved their effectiveness and will help practitioners of all skill levels improve their game. In a special introduction to the DVD, Royler`s biography highlights his champion career and achievements. In the "Extra Feature" you will discover Royler teaching the self-defense program to his daughter.

Techniques Covered in this DVD:

Across-Side To Mount Position
Choke From The Mount Position
Double Attack From The Mount Position
Mount Position To Choke From The Back
Guard Pass To Choke From The Back
Collar Choke From The Back Position
Guard Replacement From The Turtle Position
Sweep From The Turtle Position
Escaping The Back One
Escaping The Back Two

Format: DVD NTSC
Languages: Portuguese with English voiceover
Length: 45 min.
Releases: September 2009
Other info: All region DVD

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