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Roll Out Speed Ladder

Roll Out Speed Ladder

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Agility Speed Ladders are a great way to help improve your speed, agility, coordination, and foot speed. Ideal for athletes looking to build exceptional speed and footwork for any athlete who needs to train for speed such as boxers, MMA athletes, soccer and football athletes just to name a few. Simple and easy to use, just roll it out and start using it. Designed with all athlete types in mind, the roll out speed ladder works better that traditional plastic and nylon strap version due to its lay flat and stay flat design. No more trippign and resetting the speed ladder up when someone catches with their foot. Works on just about any type of indoor and outdoor sports training surface. Great for just about any age 4+.

This Speed Ladder is excellent for indoor warm-up drills, conditioning and agility exercises. Made of recycled rubber, eco-friendly, and suitable for use on any indoor flat surface with any training shoes.

Features include:

  • Made of recycled rubber.
  • Eco-friendly and suitable.
  • Perfect for any flat surface.
  • Builds footwork and speed.
  • Adds dynamic movement to training sessions.
  • Stay Flat design doesn't gather or kick up when in use.
  • Great fun and fitness tool.
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