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Mapei Adesilex G19 Adhesive

Mapei Adesilex G19 Adhesive

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Mapei Adesilex G19 Adhesive is a Two-part Polyurethane adhesive for rubber flooring and great for rubber gym flooring and PVC sports flooring.
Perfect for adhering rolled rubber to concrete floors as well as shock padding. Also great for PVC Sports flooring as well as our gym vinyl sports flooring.

Great for:

  • Rubber Gym Tiles or Rolled Rubber Gym Flooring,
  • Perfect for indoor and outdoor applications,
  • Ideal for heavy and intense traffic,
  • Great for Homogeneous or Composition Vinyl / PVC foam-backed Sports Flooring,
  • Semi-flexible vinyl flooring,
  • Rubber and PVC floors over existing flooring (layered shock-pads).

Application Rate: from 400 to 1000 g/m2.

Comes in 5kg easy to use tubs.

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