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Introducing Legend Shock Pad Rolls: Elevating Sports Surface Safety and Performance

When it comes to creating safe and high-performing sports surfaces, one crucial element often overlooked is underlay. That's where Legend Shock Pad Rolls step in. Designed to provide superior impact absorption and enhance overall performance, these shock pad rolls are a game-changer for athletes and sports facility managers alike.

The Importance of Impact Absorption

In sports like soccer, football, rugby, and others, players often experience intense physical impacts as they run, jump, and compete. These impacts can lead to fatigue, stress on joints, and even injuries if not properly managed. Now that athletes are moving to indoor training a surface that can be more accommodating than just plain concrete is needed. That's where Legend Shock Pad Rolls come into play.

What Are Legend Shock Pad Rolls?

Legend Shock Pad Rolls are advanced underlay solutions engineered to mitigate the forces generated during sports activities. These rolls are typically installed beneath artificial turf or rubber gym tile surfaces to create a cushioning layer that absorbs and disperses the impact energy.

Key Features of Legend Shock Pad Rolls

  • Enhanced Safety: The primary purpose of these rolls is to enhance safety. By reducing the force of impact, they help minimize the risk of injuries such as sprains, strains, and concussions.
  • Improved Performance: Athletes perform at their best when they feel confident and comfortable. The shock absorption provided by these rolls allows for a more predictable and consistent playing surface, helping athletes excel in their respective sports.
  • Longevity: Legend Shock Pad Rolls are built to last. They are highly durable and can withstand the rigours of regular use, ensuring that your sports surface remains in optimal condition over the long term.
  • Versatility: Whether you're upgrading a soccer field, a playground, or a sports training facility, Legend Shock Pad Rolls can be customized to meet your specific needs
  • Easy Installation: Installing these rolls is a straightforward process, often requiring minimal downtime for your sports facility.


Legend Shock Pad Rolls are suitable for a wide range of applications:

  • Sports Fields: Soccer, football, rugby, lacrosse, indoor gyms and more.
  • Playgrounds: Ensuring safety for children during play.
  • Multi-Purpose Facilities: Ideal for indoor and outdoor spaces used for various sports and activities.
  • Building Industry: Great as an underlay for flooring to help minimise vibration between floor levels.

In summary, Legend Shock Pad Rolls are a must-have addition for any sports facility looking to prioritize safety and performance. With their ability to reduce the impact forces that athletes experience, these rolls are a sound investment in the well-being of athletes and the longevity of your sports surface.

If you're ready to take your sports surface to the next level and provide the best possible experience for athletes, consider Legend Shock Pad Rolls as your underlayment solution. Feel free to reach out to us for more information or to discuss how these rolls can benefit your specific project.

Available in:

5mm x 10m x 1m
7.5mm x 10m x 1m
10mm x 10m x 1m

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