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Legend Sports Floors

Legend Gym Tile Ramps

Legend Gym Tile Ramps

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Introducing Legend Gym Tile Ramps - the perfect solution for seamless transitions and accessibility in your gym or fitness facility. These high-quality tile ramps are designed to provide a smooth and safe transition between different flooring surfaces, such as rubber gym tiles. With their durable construction and precision engineering, they offer exceptional stability and support, ensuring a secure footing for all gym-goers. Whether you're pushing a cart, using mobility equipment, or simply walking across, our Legend Gym Tile Ramps make it effortless. Upgrade your gym space with these versatile and reliable ramps and create a seamless and trip-hazard-free environment for everyone.

Add safety and style to your Gym Flooring with the Legend Gym Tile Ramp while reducing trip hazards in your gym. These laminated rubber ramps are finished off with a smooth rubber surface that is easy to clean and super easy to install. Each Gym Tile Rubber Ramp comes in a 1,000mm long ramp section and will suit any Rubber Gym Tiles in the same thickness.

Please Note: Ramps are sold per lineal meter (1,000mm). Ensure you order the correct amount when placing your order. Example: If you need to cover 10 lineal meters, you will require 10 Ramps in total.

Features include:

  • Smooth laminated rubber surface
  • Easy to install
  • Add safety to your gym flooring
  • Available from 15mm - 100mm
  • Reduces tile height for an easy transition
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