Judo Katame Waza Vol. 1 by Koji Komuro

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Judo Katame Waza Vol. 1 by Koji Komuro

Newaza expert Koji 'Komlock' Komuro highlights all the best moves to help you improve your Judo ground game. Broken down in 3 volumes, volume 1 covers all of the following...

Content includes:

Basic Exercises
Ebi (Shrimp)
Gyaku Ebi (Reverse Shrimp)
Yoko Ebi (Side Shrimp)
Koshi-Kiri (Hip Switch)
Suri-Ashi (Sliding Steps)
Tokage (Lizard)
Dakko Fukkin (Body Scissors Sit-ups)
Dakko Kaiten (Body Lock Rotation)
Switch Back
Hikouki & Hikouki Back
Forward Roll between the Legs
Osaekomi Uchikomi using Koshi-Kiri
Cross Step Pass from a Standing Position
Pascal Juji-Gatame Uchikomi
Juji-Gatame Uchikomi from the Hikikomi Position
1 Uchikomi: Yoko-Shiho-Gatame #1
Uchikomi: Yoko-Shiho-Gatame #2
How to get your leg out of Niju-Garami
Osaekomi Transitions
Osaekomi Transitions: Detailed Explanations

Favourite Techniques
Transitions from Tachiwaza into Newaza
Switch Back
Katate-Jime from a Standing Position
Tomoe-Nage #1
Tomoe-Nage # 2: Yoko Tomoe
Tomoe-Nage # 3: with both legs
Tomoe-Nage # 4: Combination with Kosoto-Gake
Sukui-Nage & Sode-Guruma-Jime

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