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IPC Deep Scrubbing Brush

IPC Deep Scrubbing Brush

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IPC 14 inch (35.5cm) Deep Scrubbing Brush fits IPC-CT15 Scrubbing Machine for a deeper non-abrasive clean. Perfect and safe to use on just about any floor surface, including MMA Mats, Rubber Gym Flooring, Vinyl Sports Flooring, Vinyl Planks, Ceramic Tiles, Concrete, Epoxy Floors and other hard surfaces. With a more powerful and greater agitating brush movement, you'll get a deeper clean than any regular mop will leave your floor looking extremely clean.

With the easy brush mount system which requires no tools, you can mount your IPC Deep Scrubbing Brush in seconds with the IPC Eagle patented brush spin-on/spin-off technology which save you valuable time The IPC Deep Scrubbing Brush will often outlast pads almost 100 to 1.

  • Rinse and clean your brush head with hot water for 5 to 10 minutes after use. This helps bring the nylon bristles back to their original form.
  • When to replace your Brush Head. Look for the red indicator on the white bristles to let you know when to replace your Scrubbing Brush head. Once it wears down to the red mark, it will be time to replace your brush head.
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