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IPC CT5 Gym Floor Scrubber

IPC CT5 Gym Floor Scrubber

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IPC CT5 Gym Floor Scrubber

Drop the traditional broom, vacuum and mop and get a better level of cleaning with the CT5 Micro-Scrubber. This innovative, 21st-century scrubber eliminates many of the challenges of traditional mop and bucket cleaning. Instead of pushing around dirty water, the CT5's separate solution and recovery tanks deliver fresh water for scrubbing. Where traditional mop and bucket cleaning would often leave behind a slick, dangerous floor, the CS5 leaves a safer, drier floor by quietly and effectively recovering used water.

The cleaning power of the disc brush and perfect drying in every direction make the CT5 ideal for cleaning small and medium gym areas. Its compact design enables you to get in between machines, around equipment and in tight spaces. Light and easy to handle, it is designed to meet the needs of daily cleaning, especially in hard-to-reach spaces.

IPC CT5 Gym Floor Scrubber features include:

  • Perfect for small to medium-sized gyms
  • Easy to fill - Can be filled either on the machine or under a water tap
  • Easy to disconnect recovery tank to clean. Large tank opening for rising
  • Ergonomic and intuitive control panel
  • Ergonomic Drive lever.
  • Adjustable multi-position handle.
  • Main parts can be removed without tools.
  • Easy to transport and park.
  • Li-Ion Lithium-ion Batteries.
  • Capable of cleaning 900 m2/hour.
  • Battery Run Time: 50 minutes.
  • 30cm wide easily fits between gym equipment.
  • Made in Italy.
  • 1-year warranty.

See the IPC CT5 in action:

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