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Gripmaster Hand Exerciser

Gripmaster Hand Exerciser

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The unique Prohands Gripmaster hand exercisers are the only hand exercisers that challenge each finger individually for improved strength, speed, dexterity and overall hand health & wellness.

Your hands, wrists, and forearms are at the point of attack and require superior conditioning. Finger toughness, hand stamina, wrist stability, and forearm strength are absolutely critical for survival and a successful outcome.

While there are many schools, disciplines, & philosophies of combat, the hand, wrist, and forearm are at the core of all these practices. There is absolutely no substitute for superior conditioning of the hands.

Without question, all martial arts practitioners require superior control and toughness in the fingers which will withstand challenge and impact. Hands must be developed to possess the strength and stamina necessary to execute all blows which may be required.

The wrist is the foundation of the hand and it must be developed to provide stability for the hand. Hand strength is generated in the forearm and transmitted to the hand via the wrist so stability in the wrist is critical to success.

The patented Prohands is the only hand exerciser available today which enables you to isolate and develop each finger individually. And because each finger is operated by a completely separate system of muscles & tendons in the hand, wrist, & forearm, the only way to achieve optimum conditioning of the hand is with Prohands.

With Prohands you can fully develop your hands, fingers, wrists & forearms and advance your toughness to the highest level attainable.

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