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Fuji Mats

Fuji Vintage Boxing Bag

Fuji Vintage Boxing Bag

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FUJI's Vintage Boxing Bags are rugged, durable, and built to last. Made with high-performance faux leather-like vinyl material is used for the outer skin. This gives better longevity and performance with that old-school classic vintage leather look. Our craftsmanship shows in the industrial stitching, stainless hardware, and reinforced hanging webbing.
These bags are filled with shredded rags only - there is NO sand. Each bag undergoes an intense quality check in terms of stitching and X-Rayed to ensure no foreign items/objects are inside the bag.

To ensure immediate use, we recommend you consider adding the following to your order as they are NOT included:

For mounting, you will need the following:


  • Used By Professional Strikers Worldwide
  • High-Grade Hardware
  • Longest Lasting Product Available (Best ROI)
  • Triple Stitched Straps & Seams
  • High-Grade Skins for Easy Cleaning & Durability


Deliveries are Monday - Friday
Someone must be there to receive and unload your delivery


  • 4 Feet Tall / 120cm
  • 16" Wide / 40cm
  • 100-110lbs / 45-50kg

*Please note that this bag is not real leather hide. It is made from stronger synthetic material for improved durability and be low maintenance.

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