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Fuji Single Bag Rack

Fuji Single Bag Rack

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Fuji Single Heavy Bag Rack

Elevate your training setup with the Fuji Heavy Bag Rack. Designed for stability and convenience, this rack provides a secure platform for your heavy bag. Maximize your workout potential without worrying about mounting. Upgrade your training space with Fuji's premium Heavy Bag Rack, a reliable solution for effective and hassle-free training sessions.

Crafted with precision, the Fuji Heavy Bag Rack ensures that your heavy bag stays in place, allowing you to focus solely on your strikes and techniques. Whether you're practising punches, kicks, or combinations, this rack provides a stable foundation for your training. Say goodbye to the complexities of ceiling mounts or wall brackets. The Fuji Heavy Bag Rack offers a practical solution that fits seamlessly into your training area. Its sturdy construction guarantees durability and peace of mind, allowing you to train with intensity.

Elevate your training experience with the Fuji Heavy Bag Rack a versatile and reliable addition to your workout space. Take your martial arts journey to the next level as you hone your skills and build your strength without any limitations.

Size: Extends 83cm from the wall and ~ 50cm in overall height.

Materials: Heavy-duty steel construction

Installation: Attach to wood studs or masonry walls

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