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Fuji Precision Curved Thai Pad

Fuji Precision Curved Thai Pad

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Fuji Precision Curved Thai Pads

The Fuji Precision Curved Thai Pads allow for better kick absorption making them the perfect kicking pads. Train in the highest quality gear designed for maximum comfort, protection, and functionality. The Fuji Precision Thai Pads are designed to take the punishments of Professional Fighters and Trainers. Built with its unique curved design to help catch strikes. With its sturdy and comfortable holding bar to the quick release velcro forearm straps, you'll be training like a pro.

Fuji Precision Curved Thai Pads is built with a slightly wider body which gives you more impact surface area with added multi-density foam to help take the impact and vibration away from Athletes and Pad Holders. FUJI Precision Range was developed to withstand the most rigorous training sessions keeping athlete safety in mind with the design of each product.

Features Include:

  • Designed ergonomically to fit the forearm
  • Durable yet comfortable for Pad Holders
  • Minimise shock and injury to both the trainer and the athlete
  • The curved design helps both comfort and catching kicks and punches
  • Sturdy hand bar and velcro quick-release straps.
  • Wider body design help catch strikes and minimise the impact.
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