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Fuji Kids Pink Ribbon Gi

Fuji Kids Pink Ribbon Gi

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Fuji Kids Pink Ribbon BJJ Gi

Fuji's all-new Pink Ribbon Gi takes the fight both on and off the mat with the world's first fight for life Gi. Everyone, somewhere has been affected or knows someone who has had breast cancer. One in eight women has or will be affected by breast cancer.

For EVERY Fuji Pink Ribbon Gi sold Fuji is kindly donating a portion of every sale to the Pink Ribbon Foundation for breast cancer research. With your help, you will be part of the worldwide fight to beat breast cancer and help the lives of many women across the globe.
This is something to be truly proud of and makes you a part of a wider global fighting team. Show your support and fight for a better life.

Children's sizes range from WC00 (00) to C3 and adult sizes start at W1 to W6.
Children's Gi comes with White BJJ Belt and all Gi's come with a free FUJI patch as well as a small white ribbon on both jacket and pants to show your support.

By wearing FUJI's Pink Gi, you'll show you are participating in a global movement and making a difference!

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