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Fuji Mats

Fuji Heavy Bag Trolley 2.0

Fuji Heavy Bag Trolley 2.0

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Fuji Heavy Bag Trolley 2.0

The Fuji Heavy Bag Trolley 2.0 allows you to slide your Heavy Bag along the Fuji Trolley Bag Racks and allows you to lock into place and unlock to slide anywhere along your Fuji Trolley Rack. Slide your heavy bags out for a workout or keep them all out of the way to allow more workable space. Great for any gym looking to have a multi-dimensional space.

Add this to any FUJI Trolley Bag Rack Beam System (Wall or Floor Mount Trolley System) to optimise your space. Go from an MMA Centre to a blissful Yoga space in seconds by sliding heavy bags out of the way for other classes etc.

Fuji Heavy Bag Trolleys will fit any size FUJI Beam Systems. We can not guarantee fit or function on rack systems not supplied by FUJI Mats

*We reserve the right to cancel an online order in the event these are needed for a complete trolley system for a facility*

Features include:

  • Used By Professional Strikers Worldwide
  • High-Grade Hardware
  • Longest Lasting Product Available (Best ROI)
  • Reinforced Steel Baseplates - the best and beefiest on the market
  • Powder Coat Finish in Black and Blue
  • Can be custom coloured to fit your gym's colours.


  • Deliveries are Monday - Friday
  • Typically ships in 1-2 days via post or courier.
  • Custom Colours typically ship in 1-3 weeks.

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