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Fuji Mats

Fuji Heavy Bag Sling Combo Kit

Fuji Heavy Bag Sling Combo Kit

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Fuji Heavy Bag Sling Combo Kit

Fuji Heavy Bag Sling Combo Kit comprises two high-grade Fuji Heavy Bag Slings (1 x 20cm + 1 x 30cm Sling + 1 x 10mm Harden Snap Hook). This allows for a magnitude of hanging options to help extend the life of your punching bags. Designed to stop the metal-on-metal wear that destroys and wears out D-Rings, Snap Hooks, and other mounting hardware, The Fuji Heavy Bag Sling Combo Kit also helps reduces chain rattling noise for a more enjoyable training session. Each Fuji Heavy Bag Sling Combo Kit comes with two Slings and a Harden Steel Snap Hook that have been tested and rated to 22kN (Kilonewtons) this equals over 2,240 Kg Force (kgf), That's equivalent to the weight of a large 4WD.

Extend the life of your equipment and reduce the cost of replacing expensive punching bags before their time.


  • includes 2 x Slings and 1 x Snap Hook per pack.
  • Eliminates metal wear on heavy bag D rings, Snap hooks,
  • Reduces chain rattling noise.
  • Extends the life of your Punching Bags.
  • Gives you multiple hanging options.
  • Fits any bag and bag rack.
  • Hardware not included.

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