FUJI Grappling Dummy

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FUJI Grappling Dummy

Introducing the ultimate training companion for grappling athletes The Fuji Grappling Dummies come in two different variations, a seated Grappling Dummy or a standing Throwing Dummy. Designed to enhance your grappling skills and perfect techniques, this Fuji Grappling Dummy is a must-have for all grappling enthusiasts.

Crafted from high-quality materials, these Fuji Grappling Dummies are durable and built to withstand even the toughest training sessions. Its anatomically correct shape and limb positioning offers a realistic feel, allowing you to practice moves, submissions, and positions with great precision.

Training with a Grappling Dummy is essential for any grappling athlete, especially those who are unable to train with a partner consistently. The dummy allows you to train at your own pace and customize drills specific to your needs either at the gym or at home. Plus, it is a great way to condition your muscles and improve your balance, and grip strength.

Whether you're a beginner or a seasoned pro, training with a Fuji Grappling Dummy can help you reach your full potential. It offers a safe and effective way to enhance your grappling techniques, without risking injury by practicing with a live partner.

Don't let the absence of a training partner hold you back train with a Fuji Grappling Dummy and take your grappling skills to the next level.

The Fuji Grappling Dummy is a great way to get reps in and drill those moves. The Fuji Grappling Dummies are always ready and never need convincing to go one more round. Use them in a seated position for guard attacks, lay it back for mount attacks or MMA ground and pound, in a turtle position for control and back-take attacks or lay it on top to grove those escapes. A great tool in the gym for serious MMA Classes or as an extra training partner when the numbers aren't even. At home, you'll be able to get those extra rounds in to surpass your teammates or that fierce competitor. No matter your reason, the Fuji Grappling Dummy will help you build solid foundations, practise new and exciting moves and help sharpen your 'A' Game.

Put in the extra hours of training with the FUJI Adult Grappling Dummy! This grappling dummy is designed to be anatomically correct to allow for the most realistic training scenarios to build your speed, accuracy, and muscle memory!


  • Strong yet flexible knee & elbow joints for guard passes, arm locks, and positional training
  • Flexible hands and feet for foot locks and wrist locks
  • Made from durable synthetic leather
  • Great for home or in the gym
  • Nicely filled and padded
  • Fully covered Zippers for added safety
  • Great for MMA, BJJ, Judo Newaza

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