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Fuji Mats

Fuji Boxing Ring Post Set

Fuji Boxing Ring Post Set

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Fuji Boxing Ring Post Set

Enhance the foundation of your boxing gym with Fuji Boxing Ring Post Set. Crafted for professional use, this set ensures the stability and integrity of your ring. Designed with durability and precision in mind, Fuji's Boxing Ring Post Set comes as a case of 4 x posts and provides a secure anchor for intense matches. Build a ring that stands strong and supports fighters in their pursuit of victory.

Fuji Boxing Ring Post Set is an essential component for any boxing ring setup. These posts are engineered to provide unmatched stability, ensuring that the ring remains steadfast during even the most vigorous bouts. Crafted with durability as a priority, Fuji's Boxing Ring Post Set is made from high-quality steel that can withstand the impact and pressure of professional boxing matches. The precision engineering guarantees a secure and reliable anchor, allowing fighters to focus solely on their performance.

Elevate your boxing gym with a set of Fuji Boxing Ring Posts a foundation that ensures the safety and integrity of the ring. Create an environment where fighters can give their all, knowing that the structure supporting them is unwavering. With Fuji, you're building a ring that reflects the dedication and professionalism of your events.

Made from construction-grade steel with reinforced weld plates for extra added strength and finished off with a quality powder coating finish. With more mounting holes you can securely mount your Boxing Ring Posts so they never move even under the stress of the busiest gyms. Replace your old worn or bent posts with something that is built to last.

Features Include:

  • Heavy Duty Construction-Grade Steel.
  • Reinforced Weld Plates for extra strength.
  • Fully Powder Coated.
  • Added mounting holes in the base plate.
  • Built and Designed to last.

Shipping Info:

  • Deliveries are Monday - Friday.
  • Someone must be there to receive and unload your delivery.
  • This item is shipped on a large pallet.
  • If you don't have access to a forklift you must select a Tailgate delivery.
  • Tracking details are emailed once dispatched from the warehouse.
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