Fuji 1969 Boxing Ring Canvas

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Fuji 1969 Boxing Ring Canvas

Elevate the visual impact of your boxing ring with the Fuji 1969 Boxing Ring Canvas. Crafted for professional use, this canvas not only enhances the ring's appearance but also ensures a durable and safe surface for fighters. Designed with quality and precision, Fuji's Boxing Ring Canvas offers the perfect canvas for unforgettable matches. Create a dynamic and professional ring atmosphere that leaves a lasting impression on both fighters and spectators.

Fuji Boxing Ring Canvas is designed to withstand the demands of intense boxing matches while adding a touch of professionalism to your ring setup. Crafted from high-quality materials, this canvas is engineered for durability and longevity, ensuring it remains in top condition even after countless rounds.

The attention to detail in Fuji's Boxing Ring Canvas guarantees a smooth and consistent surface, allowing fighters to move confidently and perform their techniques with precision. The canvas provides the ideal amount of grip, allowing for fluid footwork without compromising safety.

Elevate your boxing events or old boxing ring canvas with Fuji Boxing Ring Canvas a vital component that contributes to both the aesthetics and functionality of your ring. Whether you're hosting local bouts or championship matches, this canvas sets the stage for epic showdowns that leave a lasting impression."

Invest in a canvas that reflects your commitment to quality, safety, and the artistry of boxing. With Fuji, you're creating an arena where fighters can showcase their skills and leave their mark in the world of boxing.

Fuji 1969 Boxing Ring Canvas is built to give you the best footing, grip and just enough slide to help you perform at your best. With reinforced stitching at joins and seams, each canvas can be included with a 4sq. meter custom logo at no extra charge and in your choice of Traditional Canvas or easy-to-clean Vinyl. All Boxing Ring floor covers come with Fuji 1969 logo, and fully grommeted edges for easy fixing. Talk to us and see how easy it can be to customise your boxing ring canvas.

Talk to us about getting a custom-coloured canvas or your very own custom logo designed. Simply reach out by email with all the details.

Features include:

  • FREE Fuji 1969 logo in gold.
  • Can be custom coloured to suit your club colour scheme
  • Custom logo's welcome.
  • Standard Canvas or Hygenic Vinyl Option.
  • Grommeted all around.
  • Bungee Cord for Tie Down.

Shipping Info:

  • Deliveries are Monday - Friday.
  • Someone must be there to receive and unload your delivery.
  • This item is shipped on a large pallet.
  • If you don't have access to a forklift you must select a Tailgate delivery.
  • Tracking details are emailed once dispatched from our warehouse.
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