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Fuji Aluminium Frame Edge

Fuji Aluminium Frame Edge

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The Fuji Aluminium Frame Edge is the perfect and modern way to finish off your mats giving it that all professional dojo look and finish. Designed to fit our Fuji Mat range while keeping your mats locked in from moving for that perfect martial arts floor. Made in Australia from aluminium, this modern mat frame will keep your mats framed in with a nice clean edge look and feel. Each Fuji Aluminium Frame Edge comprises of 1 pcs of edging 6.5m each covering 6m for each kit and includes 6 mounting screws for concrete.

To measure out how much Aluminium Frame Edge you require, simply measure the total exposed area of your mats that needs a framed edge. If your space is 10m x 15m and you only have a wall on one 15m side of your mats, you will require 35m to be framed and will require 6 frame edge pieces.

To install the Fuji Frame Kit you will require some basic tools such as:

  • Drill - Electric or Cordless,
  • Phillips Head Driver Bit,
  • Flat Saw or Oscillating Tool,
  • Hammer
  • Hammer Drill
  • Hammer Drill Bit
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