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Fuji Academy Kids BJJ Gi

Fuji Academy Kids BJJ Gi

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Fuji Academy Kids BJJ Gi

Introduce your young martial artist to excellence with the Fuji Kids Academy BJJ Gi. Expertly designed for comfort and resilience, this gi paves the way for their BJJ journey. Elevate their training experience with Fuji's top-quality Kids Academy BJJ Gi, offering the perfect blend of style and functionality. Equip them with the best as they embark on a path of growth and achievement.

Crafted to accommodate their developing skills, the Fuji Kids Academy BJJ Gi ensures a comfortable fit and enhances their movement on the mats. Whether they're just starting or advancing in their practice, this gi provides the support they need to excel.

Not only does the Fuji Kids Academy BJJ Gi offer exceptional functionality, but it also showcases a sleek design that mirrors their dedication to martial arts. With this gi, they'll not only feel confident but also inspired to give their best in every training session and competition.

Elevate your child's BJJ journey with the Fuji Kids Academy BJJ Gi a gear that not only reflects their commitment but also sets the foundation for their future achievements. Watch them flourish and build character as they wear the badge of Fuji quality and excellence.

Made with traditional Jiu-Jitsu Peral Weave fabric, not karate canvas and Twill Collar and accompanied by Twill Pants as well as a FREE BJJ White Belt making this Gi the best starter Gi for anyone looking for an alternative and great starter Gi.

Own a BJJ Club or Academy?

Let us customise your Fuji Academy Gi with custom patches done at a factory level saving you time, money and all the headaches associated with patching Gi's. Get your club Gi's done right by the Fuji Factory Team with low minimum order quantities and a mix of any colour and size across Adults and Kids. Talk to us for more info on our custom Fuji Custom Gi Program

Features Include:

  • 300g Pearl Weave Jacket with Twill collar - Kids
  • 225g Twill Pants
  • Twill collar with Felt inside
  • Free Fuji BJJ White Belt
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