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Fairtex Wrecking Ball - HB11

Fairtex Wrecking Ball - HB11

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Fairtex Wrecking Ball - HB11

Elevate your training regimen with the Fairtex HB11 Wrecking Ball. Designed for power-packed strikes and clinches, this durable training tool is perfect for MMA and combat sports. Crafted by Fairtex, renowned for its quality in combat gear, the HB11 Wrecking Ball offers an intense and dynamic workout experience. Develop striking precision and clinch techniques, and enhance your overall performance. Trust in Fairtex's expertise and take your training to the next level with the HB11 Wrecking Ball.

Constructed of Syntek Leather with heavy-duty water-resistant and non-tear nylon lining with nylon web straps.
Designed for heavy punching, including hooks and uppercuts.


  • Handmade in Thailand.
  • Extra Heavy Duty Durable synthetic leather construction.
  • Approximately 40 kgs when filled.
  • Available Filled or Unfilled.
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