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Fairtex Water Bag - HB16

Fairtex Water Bag - HB16

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Fairtex HB16 Water Bag Is The Perfect Aqua Training Bag!

With the natural feel of water rebounding in response to your punches and the added advantage of reduced impact on your wrists and hands, the Fairtex Water Bag is an excellent heavy bag option for all boxing and sticking drills. Practice everything from Jabs, Crosses, Hooks and Upper-Cuts as well as Elbows and Knees and feel the rebound of natural water.

The Fiartex HB16 Water Bag comes with D Shackle and Rope for easy hanging and is designed to be quickly and easily filled with water from any tap or hose. Adjust the weight and firmness by adding or removing water to suit your training goals or preference. Water punching bags can potentially preserve the rebound's quality for as long as its shell is intact.

Fairtex HB16 Water Bag features:

  • Excellent for boxing drills
  • Designed to be filled easily with water from any tap
  • Weight can be easily adjusted depending on personal preference
  • A more natural rebound response
  • Less impact on hands and joints
  • Dimensions: 46 x 58 cm
  • Approx. 45kg - 50kg when filled

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