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Fairtex UC1 Uppercut & Hook Wall Unit

Fairtex UC1 Uppercut & Hook Wall Unit

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Fairtex Uppercut & Hook Wall Unit is the BEST of its kind, period. With its unique design allowing for all kinds of combination and punches including uppercuts and hooks, jabs and crosses. Made with 4 white hitting targets for easy target location. Helps build speed, power and accuracy into your all punches including hooks and uppercuts.

  • Unique design allows for all kinds of combination punches, uppercuts and hooks and jabs with 4 white hitting targets.
  • Constructed of premium leather and industrial nylon lining for durability.
  • Pre-stuffed high-density foam core system for performance training.
  • Wall mount bracket and screws are included.
  • Handmade in Thailand.
  • Genuine leather construction.
  • Mounts on wall or pole.
  • Mounting bolts included.
  • Great for Uppercuts, Hooks, Body Rips and more!
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