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Fairtex FS3 Versatile Kick Shield

Fairtex FS3 Versatile Kick Shield

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Fairtex FS3 Kick Pad

Elevate your training sessions with the Fairtex FS3 Versatile Kick Shield. Designed to withstand powerful strikes, this shield offers ultimate impact protection for both trainers and fighters. Crafted by Fairtex, renowned for quality in combat sports, the FS3 features multi-layer padding and a versatile design, making it a reliable choice for various training drills. Whether you're working on kicks, punches, or knee strikes, the FS3 Kick Shield ensures durability and safety. Elevate your training experience with Fairtex FS3 and take your skills to the next level.

Fairtex FS3 Versatile Kick Shield is the all-new Kicking Pad from Fairtex. Made from a heavy-duty synthetic leather shell and perfect for teaching both high and low kicks left and right sides. Rear Velcro straps and reinforced handles make it easy to hold and maneuver for any trainer or sparring partner.

Features Include:

  • Compact size that is constructed of Fairtex durable Syntek Leather with high-density foam core for maximum shock absorbent.
  • Feature Fairtex's famous kick pads holder system for a tight fit and maximum comfort of the trainer.
  • Versatile use with additional holder on top to simulate Fairtex leg kick pads function.
  • Built-in air ventilation hole around the shield to release air during use.
  • Endurable and lightweight design.
  • Dimension: 42 cm X 63 cm.
  • Colours: Black only.

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