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Dynamic Guard Sweeps Vol.1 DVD - The Butterfly & X-Guard

Dynamic Guard Sweeps Vol.1 DVD - The Butterfly & X-Guard

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Guard sweeps get you from the bottom to the top in grappling situations. Sweeping an opponent is a very important, yet difficult, skill to master in Brazilian Jiu-jitsu, submission grappling and mixed martial arts.

The butterfly guard is one of the most powerful ways to sweep your opponent. The X guard is a recent addition to the grappling arsenal, and transitions into the butterfly guard very smoothly.

This video breaks down the butterfly and X guard games into easy-to-understand techniques, combinations and principles.

There are over 80 techniques, drills and combinations in this 2 hour (122 min) DVD, covering all aspects of the butterfly and X guard positions. The material is applicable to both gi and no-gi grapplers covering the follwoing:

  • Sweeps
  • Strategies
  • Submissions
  • Counters
  • Setups
  • Positioning
  • Combinations
  • Drills
  • Competition Footage
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