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Fuji Concrete Anchor Screw Kit - 4 Pack

Fuji Concrete Anchor Screw Kit - 4 Pack

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Fuji Concrete Anchor Screw Kit - 4 Pack

Secure your training equipment with confidence using the Fuji Concrete Anchor Screw Kit - a reliable and robust solution for ensuring stability in any martial arts space. This kit, comprising four high-quality anchor screws, is designed to firmly attach heavy bag racks, MMA Cage Panels, Boxing Rings and MMA Cages, or other training apparatus to concrete surfaces. Crafted with durability in mind, these screws provide a steadfast foundation for your training gear, enhancing safety and performance. Easy to install and built to withstand the rigours of intense workouts, the Fuji Concrete Anchor Screw Kit offers peace of mind, allowing you to focus on refining your skills without worrying about the stability of your training equipment. Elevate your training space with Fuji's commitment to quality and reliability.


1. Pilot Through the hole
2. Drill with an SDS Concrete Bit, recommended size per anchor
3. Vac out the hole
4. Sink Anchor 90% tight with impact, finish with hand wrench/ratchet

Don't forget to grab a Kango 4-Cut 10mm SDS Masonry Drill Bit to help you drill holes for your anchor screws.

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