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Better Breathing Sport

Better Breathing Sport

Better Breathing Sport

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Introducing The Better Breathing Sport. The world's first sports resistance breathing product that incorporates vibrations for effective lung hygiene clearance processes & improved lung volume. Train better, recover faster, last longer and control your breathing. As a martial artist, you know that without proper oxygen and air intake, you're going to be on the back foot.

The Better Breathing Sport Improves your performance with these impressive benefits:

  • IMPROVES TRAINING TIMES - Optimise your oxygen delivery system & reduce lactic acid buildup in the muscles.
  • IMPROVES ENERGY LEVELS - Increased oxygen supply helps generate energy in your muscles.
  • GAIN VITAL SECONDS - With increased oxygen in your body & muscles, you will be able to breathe longer or push yourself further.
  • IMPROVES RECOVERY TIMES - More oxygen reaches the muscles faster and removes lactic acid faster for better recovery times.
  • IMPROVES SLEEP - Breathe easier and improve your sleeping patterns.
  • GREAT FOR MEDITATION - Concentration on breathwork while the bearing vibrations automatically improve breathing techniques.

The Better Breathing Sport uses vibrations & resistance, which mimics the cough mechanism to improve the oxygen delivery system for improved energy and sporting performance.

This product comes with dual resistance settings (high & medium resistance) these settings act as 'lung weights' for progressive performance.

Resistance Setting Instructions:

The Better Breathing Sport comes with two resistance ball bearings (medium & high).

The Better Breathing Sport will come with the large resistance ball bearing positioned in the product, if you are unable to maintain a consistent vibration through your exhaled breath, swap to the medium resistance ball bearing and work your way up.

How to Use:

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