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101 Judo Ippons Vol 4 (2003 - 2005)

101 Judo Ippons Vol 4 (2003 - 2005)

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101 Judo Ippons Vol 4 (2003 - 2005)

The best judo Ippons in the world from 2003-2005, are all here on this stunning all-action DVD. '03-05' is the best 101s yet, with more replays, a revolutionary slo-mo system, bonus Ippon sequences and better action from more tournaments. Every Ippon leaves you astonished and gasping for more. If you've ever done judo, at any level, you must get this DVD!

101 Judo Ippons 2003-2005
The very best Judo Ippons from 2003 to 2005 are gathered on this one stunning all action DVD. All types of Ippon, the maximum score, are featured in separate sections of strangulation's, armlocks, hold-downs and dramatic throws.

Footage comes from four European A tournaments, two World Championships, the 2003 South Pacific Games, 2003 Oceania Championships, 2004 Junior Worlds, 2005 Europeans and 2005 World Teams.

The fighters featured are the best in the world today, like three-times World Champion Kosei Inoue, and six-times World Champion and double Olympic Champion Ryoko Tamura. Witness Ippons from the top British stars, including World Champions Kate Howey and Craig Fallon.

See the heartbreaking hold-down on three-times Olympic Champion Tadahiro Nomura at the 2003 Worlds, followed by his revenge mission in the repechage.

From a lightening fast standing armlock in Prague to a strangle on the buzzer in Osaka; from a 360 degree spinning Tomoe-nage in Fiji, to a one-handed Osoto-gari in Cairo, this DVD has it all.

101s includes:
35 unseen Ippons from the Fighting Films archive
Revolutionary slow-motion replay system, which allows in-depth analysis of the techniques
Ten bonus Ippons in introduction sequence

Fifth in the fantastic 101 series '03-05' is the best yet. With multiple angle replays, individual stories of the fighters and rivalries, the ecstasy of victory and the agony of defeat, this is the cream of World judo. If you've ever competed in judo, at any level, you simply must get this DVD!

Fighting Films teasers & trailers
Direct access to all techniques & competitions
Bonus super slo-mo Ippon sequence

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