The Dynamic Half Guard DVD
The Dynamic Half Guard DVD

The Dynamic Half Guard DVD

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The Dynamic Half Guard

As you probably know, many top grapplers go to the Half Guard position when they face their toughest opponents. They use the Half Guard to sweep their way into the top position or submit them from the bottom.

The difficulty for someone trying to learn the Half Guard is that it is often taught as individual techniques, without including an overall strategy of what to do. Having an strategy in grappling is much more powerful than knowing individual techniques, for the following reasons:

It gives you an easy way to build powerful combinations to sweep or submit your opponent
It makes it easier to remember techniques, because they fit together in logical sequences
It provides a framework to contextualize any new techniques you learn
It gives you counters to your opponent's techniques
It provides a 'big picture' while grappling, so that you are never lost or confused

The Dynamic Half Guard Contains 100+ Techniques, Drills and Variations in 7 Sections:

Introduction & Principles: This section puts the half guard into perspective so that the actual techniques make sense, fit together and are easier to remember. If you have a context for a situation then knowing what to do is easy!

Two Fundamental Techniques: Before I teach anyone the half guard I show them these two techniques. Why? First because you can use them immediately in sparring, and second because they develop movements and attributes that are critical for performing many of the advanced techniques later on (which I also show in this DVD).

The Triple Attack Game: First I take the three most powerful half guard sweeps and break them down into easy-to-learn steps. Then I show how these three attacks set each other up and link together in combinations. Finally I show lots of variations throughout to keep your game unpredictable and your opponent guessing

The Kimura Game: The Kimura is the highest percentage submission from the half guard if you know how to apply it properly and also what to do when your opponent counters your initial attack. This section presents a complete strategy centered on using the Kimura to submit and/or sweep your opponent.

Half Butterfly Guard: The Half Butterfly is a very great position because it is the starting point for many powerful sweeping combinations. The Half Butterfly also provides a way to transition to various other forms of open guard.

Sitting & Instep Guard: These positions complement the half guard, and open up a whole new set of ways to sweep your opponent head over heels. The Instep Guard in particular is one of my very favorite positions, and I can't begin to count the number of times that it has saved me in sparring.

BONUS: Defending Passes and Submissions from the Half Guard - As a bonus I include techniques to shut your opponent down when he tries to pass your half guard or submit you from the top position. The counters in this section are essential if you want to develop a high-level half guard.

DVD Specifications:
2 hours of solid instruction
Over 100 techniques, drills and variations
Detailed menus and chapter marks for efficient viewing
Durable Pressed DVD (not DVD-R) in a full DVD case
Professionally filmed, edited, authored and replicated
Multiple camera angles, competition and sparring footage
A resource that you will return to again and again!

The Dynamic Half Guard has many techniques, drills and variations (over 100 in all). The difference is that every technique is presented as part of a larger context. This means that you will develop the ability to combine techniques, flow from one attack into another, and put your opponent into progressively worse positions until he is either swept or submitted.

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