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The FUJI Yoga Tile floor provides a stable & comfortable surface for a wide variety of practices. Durable construction, an easy-to-clean surface, and a specialized high-density core provide the perfect foundation for a hygienic and beautiful environment in your studio.
Perfect for Yoga, Pilates, Barre, Fitness, and More.

The FUJI Yoga Tile is available in a Tatami texture. A traditional Japanese non-slip textured surface ideal for activities that require grips, such as most forms of yoga and barre and is ideal for Bikram, hot yoga, and weight training.

The FUJI Yoga Tile is available in 2 densities: High-Density 19mm and Medium Density 25mm

High-Density 19mm boasts a waterproof backing and is ideal for hot yoga or Bikram yoga studios.

Medium-Density 25mm has an exclusive anti-skid backing that grips the floor ideal for preventing shifting during barre, circuit training, and other activities.

Sizes: 1m x 2m x 19mm or 1m x 2m x 25mm.

Each mat tile covers 2 sq meters.

The FUJI Yoga Tile surface won't bubble, break down, or fall apart. We Promise! FUJI offers a 10-YEAR Limited Warranty. We built your new floor to perform & last!

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