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Fuji Mats

Fuji Heavy Bag Sling Kit

Fuji Heavy Bag Sling Kit

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Fuji Heavy Bag Sling Kits will extend the life of your punching bags. Designed to stop the metal-on-metal wear that destroys and wears out D-Rings, Snap Hooks, and other mounting hardware, The Fuji Heavy Bag Slings also help reduces noise and rattling from mounting accessories for a more enjoyable training ambiance. Each Fuji Heavy Bag Sling Kit comes with two Slings that have been tested and rated to 22kN (Kilonewtons) this equals over 2,240 Kg Force (kgf), which's more than a Jeep Grand Cherokee 4WD which weighs 2,191kgs. Extend the life of your equipment and reduce the cost of replacing expensive punching bags before their time.


  • 2 Slings per pack.
  • Eliminates wear on heavy bag D rings, Snap hooks, etc.
  • Reduces noise and rattles.
  • Extends life of your Punching Bags.
  • Fits any bag and bag rack.
  • Hardware not included.

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