Fuji Single Bag Rack 3.0

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Fuji Single Heavy Bag Rack 3.0: Elevate Your Training Space

Unleash the full potential of your heavy bag workouts with the Fuji Single Heavy Bag Rack 3.0. Designed for durability, stability, and versatility, this rack is your perfect training companion, offering a reliable and secure platform for heavy bag training.

Key Features:

Sturdy Construction: Crafted from high-quality steel, the Fuji Single Heavy Bag Rack 3.0 ensures stability and durability during intense workouts. The robust frame provides a solid foundation, allowing you to focus on your training without concerns about the rack's integrity.

Adjustable Height: Customise your heavy bag experience with the adjustable height feature. Accommodate various training bags and techniques and user preferences, ensuring an optimal striking position for every workout.

Space-Efficient Design: Perfect for professional gyms as well as home gym training spaces with limited room, the Fuji Single Heavy Bag Rack 3.0 helps maximise space without compromising on functionality. Its compact design allows you to enjoy the benefits of heavy bag training without sacrificing valuable space.

Enhanced Stability: Engineered with a wide base and reinforced support, the rack minimises wobbling and sway during intense workouts. Feel confident in your strikes, knowing the Fuji Single Heavy Bag Rack 3.0 provides a stable and secure training environment.

Easy Assembly: Designed for a hassle-free setup, the Fuji Single Heavy Bag Rack 3.0 comes with clear assembly instructions and all necessary hardware. Spend more time training and less time assembling with this user-friendly heavy bag rack.

Why Choose the Fuji Single Heavy Bag Rack 3.0?

Fuji Quality Assurance: Known for its quality in combat sports equipment, Fuji brings you a heavy bag rack that stands up to the demands of your training regimen.

Versatility: Whether you're practising boxing, Muay Thai, or MMA, this rack accommodates a variety of heavy bags, making it a versatile addition to any training space.

Space-Saving Solution: Enjoy the benefits of heavy bag training without sacrificing room space. The Fuji Single Heavy Bag Rack 3.0 is designed for efficiency in both small and large training areas.


Material: Made with High-Quality Steel

Assembly: Easy setup with included instructions and hardware

Mounting Hardware: Best fitted into masonry walls with Fuji Anchor Bolts - Sold separately.

Invest in Your Training Space: Elevate your heavy bag training experience with the Fuji Single Heavy Bag Rack 3.0. Order now and transform your training space into a dynamic and efficient environment for honing your striking skills.

* Please Note: Heavy bags are not included. Product images are for illustration purposes.

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