Fuji Mat Mop Replacement Pad

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Fuji Mat Mop Replacement Pad
Keep your training area clean and free from dirt and germs with replacement pads for your Fuji Mat Mop. The exclusive "free flowing" feature allows the pad to move quickly over a mat or any hard surface. Pads can be machine washed and reuse up to 200 times before bacteria growth and replacing is needed. Uses 70% less water and chemicals when compared to a traditional mop and bucket cleaning. Fuji Mat Mop Replacement Pads picks up 3 times more dirt than a traditional string mop and can be used wet (for mopping) or dry (for sweeping).

For best practise, we suggest purchasing several pads and segregate the pads for different uses to stop cross contamination. Use one or more to clean your Fuji Mats and others to clean Bathrooms, Toilets, walkways, and reception area. Simply take a black marker and label the back of the pad with either 'Mats' 'Bathrooms' etc. Purchase 5 pads for the cost of 4 and save $25.

Features Include:

  • Easy-glide Microfibre mop pad
  • Uses 70% less water and chemicals than traditional mops.
  • Quicker drying times.
  • Clean up to 3 times better with microfibre.
  • Decrease your cleaning time by 1/3.

Care instructions:

  • Maximum Temperature: 950C (2000F).
  • Use alkaline detergent with a pH level under 12.
  • Machine Washable.
  • Machine Tumble Dry at low temperature: max 600C (1400F).
  • Avoid over-drying in Tumble dryer.
  • Do Not use chlorine bleach (Chlorine bleach will aggressively degrade pad and backing).
  • Do Not use fabric softener to washing wash your Microfiber Pad. (Fabric softener coats and clogs the microfiber making it less effective).
  • A Laundry net is highly recommended when washing and drying.
  • Avoid washing or drying in mixed loads. (Microfiber pads will pick up lint from other fabrics).
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