Fairtex Maddox II Grappling Dummy - GD2

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Fairtex Maddox 2 Grappling Dummy - GD2

The new model now features both hands and feet to perform even more holds and submissions. Also now has an improved posture, leaning forward which simulates a more realistic position of an opponent in your guard.

Fairtex Grappling Dummy is great for Judo, BJJ, MMA or submission grappling. Great for practising entries, throws, arm-locks, transitions to side control, knee rides, north-south as well as a host of other moves.

Get creative and dress your training dummy with a Gi and practice gripping, throws and chokes and leg locks. The Fairtex Grappling Dummy is a great way to groove your moves while keeping your game tight. Use the dummy to practice at home or at the gym and keep your muscle memory sharp. A great tool for strength and conditioning. Work from the top or the bottom, the possibilities are endless and limited to your imagination.

Comes in 2 sizes: Junior (approximately 21 kgs ideal for Kids and Women) and Senior (approximately 28 kgs).

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