Nexus 870 Vinyl Plank Adhesive - 15 Litres

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Introducing the Nexus 870 Vinyl Plank Adhesive Your Ultimate Vinyl Plank Flooring Adhesive!

Experience the pinnacle of adhesive technology with Nexus 870 Adhesive. Engineered to provide unmatched bonding power, this adhesive is your partner in creating enduring and captivating flooring designs. Crafted to seamlessly adhere vinyl planks, Nexus 870 ensures a secure and long-lasting bond that stands the test of time. From residential spaces to commercial projects, Nexus 870 is the reliable choice for professionals seeking uncompromising performance. Elevate your flooring projects with confidence choose Nexus 870 Vinyl Plank Adhesive for a foundation built to endure.

Nexus 870 is hard setting full cure Adhesive with Low VOC. It is a high performance polymer blend based adhesive designed for the installation of commercial and domestic PVC planks and tiles. It is also suitable for use on sheet vinyl floorcoverings. It has an excellent plasticizer resistance and is formulated to provide quick initial grab

Designed for a hard-set installation

Nexus 870 Vinyl Plank Adhesive is specifically designed to make installation of Dunlop Vinyl floors easier. Formulated with excellent plasticizer resistance, it provides a quick initial grab and allows for direct stick application to ensure the best finish and long lasting performance.

A true hard-set adhesive

Nexus 870 once fully cured has no residual tact, this differs from pressure sensitive glues that never set. As a true hard-set adhesive, it has been designed to inhibit growing and shrinking so you can be rest assured that you have an adhesive fit for your products and fit for your home.

Formulated for high performance

Nexus 870 Vinyl Plank Adhesive is a high-performance polymer blend that delivers best in class cohesive strength and shear strength, making it perfect for both commercial and domestic application.

Order with your Luxuary Vinyl Plank Flooring!

Nexus 870 Vinyl Plank Adhesive is available in two sizes: 4 and 15 litre tubs, with a coverage of 4-5m2 per litre. Nexus 870 can be purchased together with your next vinyl plank Flooring order. Ensure that you have the right amount of adhesive for your installation. One simple delivery and job done!


4lt Tub - Coverage approximately 20 m2 (Coverage per litre 4-5m2)

15lt Tub - Coverage approximately 75m2 (Coverage per litre 4-5m2)

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