Fuji Speed Mat Mop

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Fuji Speed Mat Mop - The Ultimate Mat Cleaner!

The Fuji Speed Mat Mop allows you to keep your Fuji Mats and other gym flooring clean from dust, dirty and nasty germs. Designed to make life quick and easy with a Built-in Fluid Tank and Jet Spray, cleaning your gym floor has never been easier. The Fuji Speed Mat Mop uses a microfiber technology mop head to clean more dust and dirt and can be used both wet (for mopping) and dry (for sweeping). The built-in Fluid Tank and Jet Spray allows you to apply an even and light amount of fresh clean solution and cleaning product to annihilate germs and bacteria without having to cart buckets around and cutting you cleaning time by less than half. The Jet Spray gives you constant cleaning fluid which you dont get from a traditional mop and bucket cleaning resulting in a more hygienic cleaning solution with microfiber. More aggressive and effective than conventional textile string mops.

Safer and more environmentally friendly with a much quicker drying time, the Fuji Speed Mat Mop will help to prevent slip and fall accidents and allows you to get on with your next class with a clean mat. Speed up your cleaning time by 1/3 while applying only clean uncontaminated cleaning solution to the floor via pressurized tank. No more dipping your mop into dirty mop water while youre cleaning your floor.

The Fuji Speed Mat Mop is ideal for for other areas in the gym and can be used on any vinyl, ceramic tile, slate tiles, wood, or polished stone floors. For best practise, we suggest purchasing several pads and segregate the pads for different uses to stop cross contamination. Use one or more to clean your Fuji Mats (one clean pad can clean upto 185sqm before re-washing) and others to clean Bathrooms, Toilets, walkways, and reception area. Simply take a black marker and label the back of the pad with either 'Mats', 'Bathrooms', 'Mat 2', for larger areas over 185sqm etc. Purchase 5 pads for the cost of 4 and save $25.

Why Microfiber Mops?
The Fuji Speed Mat Mop is a bucket-less mop utilising the new technology fibre called microfibre. Microfiber uniquely combines polyester and polyamide (a nylon by-product) into a single fibre that is then split into triangular shapes, a single strand is so small that it is almost invisible to the naked eye.

How Do They Work?
The Fuji Speed Mat Mop works to help give you the best possible clean in the quickest amount of time. The built-in fluid canister and Jet Spray allows only clean water and cleaning solution to hit your floor. Then the powerful microfibre pad scoops and traps the dirt, dust, and debris on the mat. The splitting of the fibre opens the strands and allows two things to happen; first, the edges of the triangular strands literally scoop the dirt off the mat - like tiny shovels. Then the dirt is trapped between the strands until rinsed out or laundered. The result? A cleaner mat, along with a quicker clean and mat dry time.

Features Include:
Built-in Fluid Tank for always fresh solution,
Easy-glide Microfibre mop pad,
Much faster than traditional mops,
Decrease your cleaning time by 1/3.
Quicker drying times.
Strong Aluminium construction,
Clean and mop large areas in less time,
Cleans up to 3 times better with microfibre.
Microfiber technology mop head for better cleans,
Uses 70% less water and chemicals than traditional mops.
Each Mop comes with 1 Mop Pad ready to clean.
Each clean pad can clean 185 sqm. For larger areas have more than one pad.
Made in the USA.

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