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Unorthodox Positions and Sneak Attacks DVD

Unorthodox Positions and Sneak Attacks DVD

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Unorthodox Positions and Sneak Attacks DVD

Stephan Kesting, a BJJ black belt and Combat Submission Wrestling instructor, recently taught three of his favorite unorthodox grappling positions to a packed house of seminar attendees. Now you too can get your hands on this information too!

The video covers three grappling positions that are outside of mainstream BJJ, namely kesa gatame, offside kesa gatame and reverse mount.

These positions are highly effective in both BJJ and submission grappling, especially because your opponent wont expect them. Nor will he expect the match-ending submission attacks that that you can launch from these positions (its chock full of ways to submit your opponent with high-percentage chokes, armlocks and leglocks).

  • More than 30 techniques, submissions, transitions and easy-to-implement strategies.
  • All this material is taught in linked sequences, making it simple to remember and to know how to respond to (and taking advantage of) your opponents reactions.
  • 88 minutes of professionally filmed instruction.
  • Full menu and chapter marks for easy navigation.
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