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Fuji Mats

Fuji 4ft Wall Pads - Blue

Fuji 4ft Wall Pads - Blue

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FUJI Pro Wall Pads - The Ultimate Protection from Walls

FUJI Pro Wall Pads transform your facility into a complete MMA Gym, BJJ Academy, or Professional Training Center. Protect your students and your walls by adding high-quality padding with a professional look.

  • Standard FUJI Wall Pads come in either 4ft or 6ft in height.
  • Available in a wide variety of colours (See Tech Specs)
  • Customized to fit your academy.

Simulate close-range defence and cage training, work take-downs, and protect your athletes during drills.

FUJI Wall Pads are made with 12mm Plywood Backing to protect your sheetrock walls and a tough easy-to-clean vinyl surface which helps maintain a professional look for many years.

Available: 60cm Wide x 1.83m High, 50mm thickness as well as 60cm Wide x 1.2m High, 50mm thickness

  • Customisable in size to fit your facility.
  • Custom Logos Full-colour prints of your Logo (please provide a vector file / high-rez images).
  • Available with custom bottom lips to sit flush with the mat thickness of your choice.
  • Call 03 9357 5354 to request a quote & a FREE wall pad design

Build to Order as these can be customised to your needs!

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